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    Event Details

    We are proud to present a staged reading of Sam’s 21st, a brand-new musical that follows college student Sam on the night of her quintessential “welcome-to-adulthood” birthday. To honor the occasion, her roommates decide to throw her an epic party. Although she’d rather spend the night hiding in her room, she is excited by the promised attendance of Sophie, the high school crush that she never got over. But as the party gets going, she is thrown for a loop when her best friend James makes a pass at Sophie. Sam’s long-repressed rage is awoken and, personified by her own Psyche, leads her down a path of revenge. Sam’s 21st is a large-scale musical full of weird roommates, ecstatic partygoers, loud-ass tunes, overwrought party games, and the complications of friendship. With a cast of college-age queer and trans characters, it portrays the angst and growing pains modern-day young people experience, and takes a trip into the rich inner lives of overworked, underslept college kids who just need a little break. With music and lyrics by Duncan Kass and a book by Duncan Kass and Niels Truman, Sam’s 21st is a journey through the life of an unforgettable, no-holds-barred, absolutely unhinged, and definitely-not-overhyped party. It’s fun for the whole family! (minus the kids). This reading of Sam’s 21st is made possible through the support of the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC).

    Run Time
    2 hours 15 minutes