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  • Plan V: Acts of Pleasure (Activism)

    Apr 15, 2024 - Apr 21, 2024

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    Event Details

    An online Zoom performance.

    Zoom has never been so fertile!

    As soon as you long on, you’re swept into the reality of a real-time Plan V Gathering, hosted by Mama V, a former Mormon matron turned pansexual, polyamorous pleasure activist, intent on changing the world.

    Plan V is a movement populated by members who share the belief that Pussy is LIFE! And that restoration of reverence for the Divine Feminine is what is needed to bring peace to the planet.

    While the heart of Plan V is sharing stories of Pussy Joys and Pussy Griefs, there is a quarterly meeting that focuses on Pleasure Activism, and voting on where Plan V should direct it’s considerable communal energy. We find ourselves at this very meeting, where we hear from a number of members who share their individual acts of activism (which range from buying a vibrator for your grandma to organizing a Masturbatathon for Planned Parenthood). We are then presented three Passion Projects - which includes a pitch to back the historic run by Viva Las Vegas for mayor of Portland.

    What is real and what is visionary imagination? What is theater, and what is propaganda? Which project will the audience ultimately choose?

    Eleanor O’Brien, longtime artistic director for Dance Naked Creative, has been called a “sex-positive superstar” by the Willamette Week and “a visionary” by Oregon Arts Watch. She has been a frequent contributor to The Fertile Ground Festival (her Inviting Desire series launches at the inaugural festival in 2009) and her latest contribution is the fifth installment of the Plan V series (which includes The Cult of Cunnilingus, The Joyful Cult of Pussy Worship, Pussy Parables & Epiphanies, and Viva La Vulvalution). She has raised the stakes on what theater can BE, and is using the medium of zoom in an entirely unique and immersive way. “The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.” (-Toni Cade Bambara). Welcome to the VULVALUTION!

    Run Time
    1 hour 30 minutes