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    Event Details

    A staged reading of "Exhale", a semi-autobiographical play written by Jerilyn Armstrong.

    On the cusp of finishing college, Jerilyn's father unexpectedly falls into critical condition.

    Returning to her hometown, Jerilyn confronts the unacknowledged lineage of mental illness and alcohol dependency in her family, her boyfriend’s infidelity, and her brother’s absent and self-destructive coping. Jerilyn must choose. Pursue her dreams of becoming a professional Actor or follow the path that her family and her boyfriend envision for her.

    Jerilyn finds escape in substances, glimmers of hope in surprising friendships, and salvation in her imagination.

    "Exhale" is a bold and radical coming of age story about letting go, self-acceptance, and finding hope in a hopeless situation.

    Featuring songs from the Portland based band New Constellations.

    Cast includes Jerilyn Armstrong, Jon Bolden, Sammy Rat Rios, Marilyn Stacey, Roo Welsh, Ken Yoshikawa, and Michael Zimmer.

    Directed by Hailey Henderson.

    Run Time
    1 hour 30 minutes