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    The Mural Written by Alison Wesley Directed by Jon Garcia Imagine you put your entire heart, soul and dwindling bank account into something you wholeheartedly believe in, only to discover it’s been trashed by some stranger. Seeing things be destroyed without any consequence to the destroyer, having to settle for no help when something you worked hard for is ruined, having to beg for money to keep your teensy little business afloat… Our story asks the question, what happens when you’ve had enough? Set in a town not so far away, The Mural tells the story of an in-debt, struggling soup-cafe owner named Denny who finally begins to see her business grow after painting a mural on an otherwise drab wall. But, the mural that seemed to bring business gets defaced, which turns out to be the final straw for Denny. With newfound community by her side, she is forced to find fierceness in herself she didn't know she had by threatening the vandal to face her and to face consequences. Does someone as gentle as Denny have strength enough to stand up for herself? Will the vandal even show? Come see the journey of a frustrated restaurateur and the feel-good coming together of community. Written by Alison Wesley, small-business owner and wife of a Portland-restaurateur, The Mural is like any good soup needs to be – a balanced mix of many unique ingredients. It was born out of similar real-life experiences, the need for people to come together more than ever before and a heavy helping of fantasy. May this nourishing story give you the little bit of hope we can all use right now.