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    Portland-based playwright, musician, and educator Brian Parham wrote "Elijah & the Sacred Song” to impart a message transcending age, race, and ethnicity. We wield the greatest power when we care for our planet and each other. This story blends metal music, martial arts, and fantasy into an epic metal musical for kids and families. Jason Weed directs. Metal musician Andrew Stromstad is the musical director and plays the wicked god of metal music. The play includes a cast of local children. Summary: In a dystopian future, the warrior Destiny and her younger brother Elijah—a hopeless dreamer—learn that a magical guitar book holds the secret to overthrowing Ahriman, the wicked god of metal music. When Ahriman scatters the book's pieces across his evil empire, the duo must navigate dangerous lands, confront sinister henchmen, and harness the combined might of music and martial arts. Will they learn to work together to restore the book, defeat Ahriman, and free their people, or will Ahriman continue his evil reign for another thousand years?