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    A BRIDGE TO THE PROMISED LAND: 1968 is a project that began over fifty years ago in a studio at UC-Berkeley. As students were outside, protesting the Vietnam War, a young music professor, Milton Williams was in his office, laying down the origins of his story about Hubert Turner, the black mayor of a Southern city.

    Using diverse idiomatic music of America, Williams tells the story of Turner's challenge and opportunity. Will Turner sacrifice his integrity for the chance of political advancement? Surrendering his present influence for the 'greater good'?

    Drawing upon his own experience, Williams explores the challenges and expectations faced by a ‘successful’ black politician in America: When does one achieve enough to finally stop climbing and ‘make a stand’? Does attaining a goal justify the piecemeal selling-out of your soul? And who do you trust to keep you honest to yourself?

    The leading characters of Hubert Turner and his daughter, Ginnie represent two generations and two sides of the same cause. On one prophetic day in their lives, each will choose to stand for their cause. But will they both survive the day? Politically, or literally.

    A Staged Reading (First public performances)

    Music and lyrics by Milton Williams
    Book by Ananda Bena-Webber
    Stage Director - Douglas Webster

    Run Time
    1 hour 10 minutes