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    Big life transitions are laid bare in this hilarious, vulnerable Double Feature from Anne Zander (... is MOTHER) and Annabelle Wright (TheTnTGamer).

    Strap in as two clowns navigate the complexities of irreversible changes, grapple with identity, and pursue their respective dreams!



    Annabelle Wright is: software engineer by day, comedian/clown/and circus artist by night, and once upon a time… TheTnTGamer! Before she became the fabulous woman she is today, Annabelle was a pre-teen boy with a YouTube channel and a simple dream: to be famous.

    In Annabelle’s debut solo show, she recreates the world of her former self and explores with vulnerability and absurdity how it shaped her identity and expression. Integrating the literal (and sometimes mortifying) YouTube videos from her youth – a showcase of her bizarre and useless talents to a handful of viewers – TheTnTGamer is a one-woman comedy show about growing up in a world that doesn’t always understand or appreciate the creative pursuits of youth.

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    Anne Zander is MOTHER

    Enter the afterbirth at Anne Zander is MOTHER, a postpartum comedy!

    From the mind that created the “painfully funny” smash-hit JUICEBOX (Official Selection 2020 HBO’s Women in Comedy Festival), and the body that birthed twins 2 years ago comes Anne Zander is MOTHER, a brand new solo show that will make you laugh until you pee a little (we won’t judge your pelvic floor strength here). Imbued with Zander’s “completely ridiculous… completely vulnerable” comedy (BroadwayWorld), Anne Zander is MOTHER is clown, character, truth and fantasy, all rolled into one woman, dancing to the beat of her own breast pumps.

    Just want to see this show for $15? wannago.show/shop/wa/event


    Double Feature doors 1:40pm

    See "TheTnTGamer" at 2pm and "Anne Zander is MOTHER" at 3:15pm

    Run Time
    2 hours 10 minutes with 1 intermission